Hello there, I'm Young

  • I believe LOVE IS LOVE.

  • I am married to a paramedic, so there is no shortage of band aids in my house.

  • I’m a mom to a 4 year old wildling daughter and a 1 year old bruiser son. My kids drive me crazy, but they also drive me to be the best possible version of myself.

  • I have an addiction to browsing Amazon. I love discovering obscure objects that make my life easier.

  • I have a 50 lb French Bulldog named Jack.

  • I survive on black milk tea in the AM and white wine in the PM.

  • I was born in a refugee camp and only have one photo of myself as a baby. Part of the reason I value baby photos so much.

  • Growing up I had insanely crooked teeth (that I didn’t fix until my mid twenties) so I know a thing or two about insecurities.

  • I never tire of Al Green, Prince and Michael Jackson songs.

  • I believe the grass is greener where you water it.

  • Bay Area raised, I hella love this place.

I believe in soulful photography

What makes a great family photo? Beautiful scenery, gorgeous lighting? Those are great to have, but none of that matters if the love doesn’t show. That’s where I come in. I am OBSESSED with creating soulful photos that ooze connection. I specialize in newborn, maternity, and family lifestyle photography for the San Francisco Bay Area.

 LIFE IN photos