iPhoneography: October Edition


"The best camera is the one you have with you." I truly truly believe this with every ounce of my being.  You can take great pictures with whatever camera you have.

I've been pushing myself to take a picture every single day and though I love my dslr and it's fancy capabilities, it is just too freaking clunky to carry with me everywhere.  So my iphone saves the day.  It's small, portable, and ready to go with a single swipe. I can't believe how far image quality has come with phone cameras. Jeez, I remember taking fuzzy 1 megapixel photos on my nokia back in the day!  And I can't say enough about all the endless image editing apps out there. With all the possibilities, I'm really hooked on my iphone. My boyfriend jokes that I spend more time on the iphone than with him. And you know what? He is right some days!

Though this website will mostly feature my dslr photography, once a month I'll feature pictures from my phone.  Here are my favorites from October 2012.

Left to right, top to bottom

  1. Navy medals from a Submariner
  2. My shadow one afternoon
  3. Most rocking inflatable while running the San Jose half marathon.
  4. Church in Santa Cruz
  5. Octodog ramen
  6. Self portrait in a sink
  7. A new necklace of mine.
  8. Bonfire in the San Francisco Mission after the Giants won the world series.
  9. Photo of a stranger at Communication Hill in San Jose.

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