Fires n Fotos


Hey Bay Area photographers, if you're looking to practice your night photography on some really amazing subjects check out the 'Fire n Fotos' events. Every month in San Francisco (usually the second Thursday) a huge group of fire dancers gather to breath, toss, spin, and hula hoop with fire. Eccentric personality + moving fire = a great show.  Location changes every time so to find out where the next one is, join the San Francisco Photography Meetup for updates.

These photos are from a shoot in March.  I have a lot to learn about shooting fire dancers but here are a few thing's I've figured out so far.

  1. Don't get burned.
  2. A tripod is your best friend.
  3. Experiment with you settings.
  4. Try different angles.
  5. Don't get burned.

Haha.  Hope you enjoy these photos.

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