iPhoneography: January Edition

"The best camera is the one you have on you."   And I truly truly believe that with every ounce of my being.  With that I present the January installment of my iPhonegraphy series. 9 of my favorite photos and a rundown of my month. This January was a pretty decent, if not a little bit on the slow side.  If I'm gonna be completely honest, I can feel the beginnings of a rut.  Life is going great and I'm so grateful for what I have, but I'm starting to feel a bit restless.  Maybe it has something to do with winter--actually I know it has a lot to do with winter.  But you know the feeling you get when you need to refresh the soul? Breath some new air.  Inject some change.  Yeah I have that feeling.

So my goal for next month is to shake things up. Outkast style like a Polaroid picture.

Who know maybe all I need is a fluffy ball of happiness into my life?  One that barks and poos?  Yes folks, it's official,  I'm puppy shopping!

It hasn't been easy choosing.  I've visited 10 different animal shelters looking for a furry friend.  And each time my heart breaks when I see a scared little dog that has no idea why he has been abandoned.  That damn Sarah Machlaughlin song replays in my head, "IN THE AAAAARMS OF AN ANGEL...." and I want to save them all.   But at the same I know I've got to be choose wisely because it's going to be a lifetime commitment.  I've come across a few good pups but no mutual magic yet.

This puppy shopping is a lot like dating and I just haven't met 'The One' dog yet.  Maybe Valentines day will change my luck?


Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Loading up on Iron at Walmart.
  2. Fishbone the cat enjoying the afternoon.
  3. Abandon Christmas sock monkey I found in the grass.
  4. Saw this girl at the Fremont Animal Shelter. Someone adopt here please!
  5. Latte love.
  6. Light on the San Jose Tech Museum.
  7. Angels and demons at St. Joseph Basilica.
  8. Rainbow jars at Ranch 99.
  9. Headphones on, world off kind of night.

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