50's Housewife Self Portraits

Amazing light was pouring in through my kitchen window and I just couldn't ignore it.  So what's a girl to do when she wants to take pictures but no one's around? How about some self portrait indulgence? I decided to go a bit retro, well a lot retro actually.  Years ago I found this polka dot number at a San Diego Salvation Army (for a whopping 5 bucks!) and I knew it would be perfect for the overworked, but happy, 50's housewife vibe I was going for.  Add a tripod and a remote trigger and we're good to go.

I just adore everything Pin Up - The perfectly coiffed hair, the cat eyes, and of course the oozing femininity of it all.  Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and spend my days looking fabulous while cooking dinner with a pound of lard.

But then again, I remember how damn comfortable my sweatpants are.  Oh well, it's fun to play dress up for just a day.

Hope you enjoy my selfies =)


Music tip.  If you too want to get into a Pin Up inspired mood, check out this mix: Soundtrack for a Modern Pin Up Girl. Go ahead and get your baking a pie va va voom on. Whatever you do, don't forget the red lipstick.







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