30 Day Photo Challenge Week 1

Henri Cartier said, "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."  Shoot, if that's the case, lets burn through these 10,000 quick so the good stuff can happen already!

Excuse me while I go sit in the corner and click my shutter a few thousand times...

No seriously, what better way to shoot more and sharpen my eye than committing to a daily photo challenge.  Everyday there is a theme, everyday I take at least one photo.  Though 365 is a bit intense, 30 seems like the approachable number next door.

Speaking of 30, This Gemini gal just turned the big 3-0. That's right the DIRTY THIRTY!  As sad as I am to see my dancing all night twenties go, I'm to ready to be a little wiser and walk a little taller.   Hopefully in the next chapter of my life, I drink half as much vodka and wear double the sunscreen.  =)


Day 1 - Introduce yourself.

Just a simple selfie of me in natural light. No frills here. It's just me folks.


Day 2 - First Thing.

This is the 'first thing' I see every morning.  Just look at that face, how could you not give him a cheerio? I swear he practices that face when I'm not around.


Day 3 - Natural light.

I'm not a a big fan of photographing flowers, but after the black and white treatment, this daisy in window light looks pretty neat to me.


Day 4 - Half.

Half my face says hello.


Day 5 - Lines.

Rode my bike over to San Jose City Hall to capture the building in some afternoon light.  I just love how all the lines curve here.


Day 6 - Ice Cream.

Jack wants some Mochi ice cream badly. Right after this shot, the little bastard ate one whole. Oops.


Day 7 - Clashing colors.

Pink vs. Green eyeshadow. Sometimes a girl can't decide ya know?


Day 8 - Small Detail.

A small detail to be proud of.


Yep, so there's day 1 through 8.  Stay tuned for the rest of my 30 day challenge next week.

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