30 Day Photo Challenge Week 4

Ah July caught up with me and I never posted the last week of my June 30 day challenge.  Well here they are, better late than never!  (Don't worry I didn't cheat... these were definitely photographed in June.)

pajamas jumping on the bed

Day 24 - Pajamas

Jumping on the bed action shot.  I got a little cardio workout to get this shot. By the way, everybody needs to own a pair of these pajamas.


Day 25 - Summer

My dog Jack is serious about UV protection this summer.  Kinda looks like a top gun dog eh?  This is pretty much the only shot I could get before he shook the glasses off.


Day 26 - Laugh

Didn't want to go for the toss your head back cliche laughter picture, I wanted to show a laugh without really showing it.


Day 27 - Teeny Tiny

Little owl says who.


Day 28 - Grass

Just a girl and her dog enjoying a lazy afternoon.


Day 29 - My weekend

On a vegetarian kick. Made some tofu yellow curry from scratch.


Day 30 - Hug

Jack has is own personal paramedic. Hope you've enjoyed all the cameos by my dog Jack.   It's amazing how much cooperation you can get with a beef jerky bribe.



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