Kassebaum-Beggan Family

Major. pillow. cheeks.

All I wanted to do as soon I saw baby Etta was squish her her little face. I completely swooned and I couldn't help it.  From her dreamy blue eyes to her oh so soft wispy hair, she is such a beautiful little creature from head to toe.

But don't let her gorgeous looks fool you, she is first and foremost a little comedian.  She let me know this with her silly smiles, funny wiggles, and strategically time burps. She's only 6 months old, but she is destined to be a goofball just like her goofball parents.

Kyle and Hannah were such easy going parents to hang out with. I loved their total commitment to making baby laugh.  From my short time hanging out with them it was easy to see that their home life must be filled with nonstop crazy happy moments.

Aren't silly people the best people?  Thank you Kassebaum-Beggan Family for letting capture these lovely moments for you.

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