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And so it begins.

My name is Young and I love photography I can't imagine doing anything else but photography. After taking picture after picture, and have each one end up in the dark abyss of my hard drive I recently thought to myself, what's the point of taking all these photos if no one gets to see them?  Seriously, why do I spend so much time capturing the light only to have my images never see any light?

With that said, I'm proud to launch my blog!

That's me by the way.  January 2012. One of my first self portraits with my new dslr.

I look forward to sharing my perspective and growth as a photographer.  Also, I can't wait for you to get know me (and my quirks.)   My deepest hope is that one year from now, this blog will be stuffed (like a Thanksgiving turkey) with images that I'm proud of.  Though I can't promise that I won't make mistakes along the way,  I can promise that I will be original and honest with you.

So follow me on my journey as I hunt for soul with a camera.