San Jose City Hall at Dusk

San Jose City Hall is seriously one epic looking building. How epic? At certain angles, the huge glass dome kinda looks the Death Star. Do you hear the Star Wars theme in your head now? Oh not yet? Well in that case, "dun dun dun. dunt da dun. dunt da dun. dun dun dun. dunt daaa duuuuuuun." You're welcome. But anyways, back to SJ city hall. I drive by this thing everyday and it still impresses me every time. It's a bit of an industrial landscape with so much concrete, metal, and glass going on, but it's oh so magical when the light hits it just right. Architecture lines here are just gorgeous.

Random fact. Did you know there are lovebird falcons nesting atop the city hall towers . Their names are Fernando and Clara, named after nearby San Fernando and Santa Clara St. They are Peregrine falcons, a species that almost went extinct in the 1970s. But don't worry, they're breeding like crazy now. You can check out some love bird nest action on their city hall cam here.

Here are my photos from San Jose City Hall at dusk. Sorry no falcon shots though.