Tomato Battle: Food Fight of a Lifetime.


To the tune of Prince's Purple Rain: "Ketchup rain, ketchup raaaaaaain!" Tomato Battle at the Alameda County Fairgrounds was the food fight of a lifetime. Party people young and old gathered in an open field to throw tons of tomatoes at each other. Why? Just for the heck of it! You would think that a tomato would be soft and squishy--not true, they hurt! Beer magically transformed average athletes into major league pitchers for the day.  If a tomato wasn't coming for you from the air, it was ankle deep at your feet or getting shoved in your face. Or in my case, shoved down my shirt by smiling strangers.

It was crazy. It was awesome. Yep. Crazy awesome.

Shooting wise, I was mostly using a 35mm lens so I was in the middle of the action. With marinara sauce flying everywhere, I was wiping debris off my lense every 5 seconds. I definitely had a few uh-oh moments when I didn't see a fast moving tomato headed straight for my camera. Oops. My poor camera, I put it through so much crap. Worth it for these shots though!

Life is too short not to get messy every once in a while.

If you're wondering what I looked like afterwards, here you go. I had tomato in places where tomatoes should never be for days. haha.

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