iPhoneography: New Year's Edition

I know I'm a week late on the greeting (but I'm still high off champagne bubbles and optimism) so Happy New Year's everybody! In 2013, I have just one simple resolution and that is 'to be better than before.'

Reflecting on the past, I've made my fair share of mistakes.  I've been living without direction, like a tumbleweed trying to find roots in a windstorm. And yes I've caused some chaos along the way. But the past is the past and I'm ready to move forward.   New Years means a clean slate right?

To become 'better than before' I plan to take more risk, be thankful for the little things, and most importantly be an authentic version of myself.  The first step is to care less about what others think and do what makes me happy.  After all I've got to live up to my philosophy: 'Be original, Be honest.'

On the photography end of things ( this this is a photo blog after all)  I simply want to be a 'better than before' photographer.   I want to have a sharper eye.  I want to improve my technique. I want to push my creativity.  And most of all, I want to get off my butt and shoot more often.

Here are a few of my iPhoneography favorites from 2012.  And while that was a great year, I'm ready for what's to come.

Bring it on 2013!


Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello at Hakone Gardens.
  2. Ferris wheel silhouette.
  3. So much candy at Party City.
  4. Light hitting my bedroom wall and pillowcase.
  5. Heart guitar at De Anza flea market.
  6. Will you hold my camera for me? Statue at Stanford university.
  7. Lone during wildflower season at Garin Park in Hayward.
  8. Panoramic across the San Mateo Bridge.
  9. Sweet Navy ride at the USS Iowa exhibit.



As part of my resolution, I'm going to be myself.  And if myself is a little bit weird, then that's okay with me.  Some of my favorite goofy self portrait shots from the year:

tumblr_mg2cvcoDQA1qczp5oo1_500  tumblr_mdpof7u5rn1qczp5oo1_500photos_4f5b8b80540d9100010001d0_original

Left to right:

  1. I had hot red hair for 6 months out of 2012, this is the scene in my bathroom every single time I dyed my hair.
  2. Because home is where you can look ugly, and not give a damn.
  3. "Oh crap I'm on fire!" Having some fun with apps in 2012.

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