Julie and Zack

Just wanted to share some photos from an afternoon spent kissing in the rain, channeling the Simpsons, and battling dragons. Oh you know, the usual shenanigans in my apartment. I had this idea for a photo shoot featuring a ridiculously cute couple getting silly in front of a chalkboard wall. After hearing about their recent engagement (he proposed on the beach!) I knew my old friends Julie and Zack were the perfect couple for my vision.

On top of being ridiculously cute people, they were a blast to photograph. It might have been just 2 dimentional, but Julie and Zack did a great job getting into the chalkboard scenes. Come on, just look at Zack's fierce face defending his love from a dragon, haha. Mean acting chops I tell ya.

If you're wondering what the words are behind them mean, it's the lyrics their song 'Turn the Lights Down Low' a soulful song originally written by Bob Marley (and covered by Lauryn Hill.) If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and check it out here.

Oh and the adorable daschund mix that makes a cameo, his name is Marley in honor of their song. How friggin adorable is that? He was a shy pup and I haven't won him over yet, but I will one day!

Thanks again Julie and Zack for indugling in some imagaination with me. You guys were such a fun couple to photograph--and it's so easy to see how much love there is for eachother. Congrats on making the 13th year together a lucky one!