Downtown with Andrea


Years from now when you're eating at a restaurant and your eyes roll back to do the lid flutter dance because your mouth is so happy, maybe just maybe that meal might be made by this girl. Meet Andrea, a soon to be culinary student and perhaps the next Gordon Ramsey (albeit a way smaller and cuter version.)

I recently had the pleasure of a doing a 'photoshoot' with her in downtown San Jose. I say that with quotes because it was more like two girls taking an adventurous stroll with a camera. During which we were kicked off of museum property, doused by fountain water, and stole some property from Johnny Rockets. Pretty fun Thursday if I say so.

Andrea was easy breezy to photograph. On top of being gorgeous and rocking an amazing wear it long or short haircut, she had a fantastically down to earth attitude--I enjoyed chatting with her about life, family, whatever. Not your average girl, she also has a gamer's soul--see if you can spot her perfectly placed Legend of Zelda tattoo.

I only have one regret on this photoshoot and that's not getting a picture of the fuzzy penguin backpack she carried her stuff in. Dammit it was cute. Hehe, oh well enjoy these penguin-less photos of the lovely Andrea.





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Guess what she did after the shoot? She went home to make a pizza from scratch. And you know what, I bet it was something amazing like caramelized onion and goat cheese. I hope she flipped the dough in the air, hehe.

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