At the Library with Star

Meet Star. Passionate about music, super sweet, and one of the most beautiful faces I've ever photographed. Due to a last minute location change we met at the MLK Library and it couldn't have been a better decision because I found out she's a former library employee. So don't let those killer heels fool ya, she knows her way around the books.  We tried our best to use inside voices, but it didn't stop some nearby students to get a distracted from their engineering books.  How could you not be?

After getting kicked out of the library (only because was closing time I swear!) we had fun wandering through bamboo, throwing rose petals, and catching the sun on the roof of Spartan Stadium.  Star was so ridiculously photogenic and go with the flow, she made it super easy for me to get some great shots. I especially love the photos of her smiling with the golden sun on her burgundy hair.

Narrowing down photos from this shoot was a major pain because she looked stunning in EVERY single frame.  But I guess that's not a bad problem for a photographer to have!  Thanks again Star for a great shoot. =)

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