Welcome to the World Baby Kian!

Welcome to the world baby Kian! You are only a few weeks old but you are already one of the most awesome babies ever. First of all, you make your mom go into labor at a fancy steak restaurant (but you were gracious enough to let her finish her meal at least!) Then you give me the most intense eye contact and cutest little farts during our photoshoot. And lastly, you're a complete natural posing on a shiny black truck.  Jeez, could you be any cooler? BABYKIANNEWBORN 1 BABYKIANNEWBORN 2 BABYKIANNEWBORN 3 BABYKIANNEWBORN 4 BABYKIANNEWBORN 5 BABYKIANNEWBORN 6 BABYKIANNEWBORN 7 BABYKIANNEWBORN 8 BABYKIANNEWBORN 9 BABYKIANNEWBORN 10 BABYKIANNEWBORN 11BABYKIANNEWBORN 12 BABYKIANNEWBORN 13 BABYKIANNEWBORN 14 BABYKIANNEWBORN 15 BABYKIANNEWBORN 16 BABYKIANNEWBORN 17 BABYKIANNEWBORN 18 BABYKIANNEWBORN 19

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