The 90's Experience at Jack London Square, Oakland

This is how we do it.

Sha la la la la la laaaaaaaaa.

We took a trip in the wayback machine to a time before Google answered all our embarrassing questions, to a time when you had to communicate via upside down numbers, and to a time when RnB music was at it’s goddamn finest. We went old school cool while visiting the 90’s Experience at Jack London Square in Oakland. And because us moms all grew up in the 90’s, of course we had to bring it with the fashion:

  • Little Amina is serving us Michelle from Full House realness with her strawberry shirt, overalls, and polka dot scrunchie.

  • Mom Julie is rocking denim on denim proving you can’t have too much of a good thing.

  • Miss Leianna reminds us to stay away from waterfalls in her TLC meets Elmo inspired fit.

  • Mom Rosemarie is out of this world in her Space Jam vintage tee and 90’s tendril bangs.

  • My daughter is nothing but rainbows as she accessorizes her Lisa Frank look with colorful butterfly hair clips.

  • I might be behind the camera and not pictured, but of course I had to get in the 90’s spirit with Clueless knee high socks.

Although our kids have no idea what Saved by the Bell is or how to use a payphone, the mini me girl squad still had a blast roaming through the colorful space and hanging with their friends on the set of Friends.

I definitely recommend checking this place out for a dose of nostalgia!