Happy Blogiversary

One year ago this site went live. That's right it's my BLOGIVERSARY!  <hands explode in imaginary confetti toss>

To my mysterious readers out there, thank you for following along.  I have no idea who you are but I do have a hunch that you're ridiculously good looking. And since you're here, great taste too. =P  No really, from the bottom of my heart thank you for taking the time to peek into my world.  It mean so much that I can share my photography journey with you.

This last year has been quite a journey indeed.  It wasn't very long ago that I was just a girl intimidated by the buttons on my shiny new camera.  But I've slowly shed my amateur title and  replaced it with a photography groove.  And you know what, that groove is pretty delicious.  I'm finally creating photos I'm proud of. I'm carving out my style.  And most importantly I'm growing as a photographer and person.  It's been a damn good year.

Mind you I still have a LOT of room for improvement.  I'm always fighting insecurities.  And I'm still pretty darn far from the end goal.  But you know what, I'm better off than I was yesterday.  And forward motion is definitely something to be proud of.

A note to other photographers out there, especially those just starting out.  My one piece of advice is to SHARE YOUR WORLD.  Stop banishing your photos to the dark corners of your hard drives and let the world in on what makes you you. There is no one out there that ever has or ever will have the same amazing unique perspective you will... and it deserves to be seen.  Even if your first step is not photography related, 'do something today that you're future self will thank you for.'

I am so glad I started this blog one year ago.  Here's to another good year. For me. For you.

<3 Young



Me at Pismo Beach pier.

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