Tea Party with Mina

Wow. Just. Look. At. Those. Eyes. Meet Mina, a gorgeous gal who hates coffee and loves tea. In her words, coffee makes her sleepy!  A dance student all her life, she hopes one day give back and teach dance to underprivileged kids.  During our shoot, she was the perfect Alice for my wonderland.

Check out the photos of her enjoying some tea and crumpets!

MinaRay_Tea_Blog_01  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_02  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_03  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_04 MinaRay_Tea_Blog_05  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_06  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_07  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_08  Blog-Collage-1386899498043

MinaRay_Tea_Blog_10  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_11  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_12  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_13  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_14  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_15  Blog-Collage-1386323408069    MinaRay_Tea_Blog_17_02  MinaRay_Tea_Blog_17_03


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