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Walker Family

Sean and I first met way back in highschool 15 plus years ago where we were on the same cross country team together. Go Monarchs! We lost touch as most people do. So imagine my surprise when my husband randomly ends up partnering with Sean at the ambulance company they work for. What a small world we live in! These days Sean and his beautiful wife Elise are happy parents to 3 month old Jackson. With an EMT for a dad and a teacher for a mom, little Jackson is bound to grow up healthy and smart. Jackson will be well protected too, by his furry friend Scout, who hardly left his side during the entire photoshoot. This kid is lucky to have such awesome parents and a whole bunch of animal companion too.

Thanks for welcoming me into your home. I had a great time photographing your beautiful family. And thanks for the sweet gifts for my baby boy Kai. :) WALKER BLOG 1 WALKER BLOG 2 WALKER BLOG 3 WALKER BLOG 4 WALKER BLOG 5 WALKER BLOG 6 WALKER BLOG 7 WALKER BLOG 8 WALKER BLOG 9 WALKER BLOG 10 WALKER BLOG 11 WALKER BLOG 12 WALKER BLOG 13 WALKER BLOG 14 WALKER BLOG 15 WALKER BLOG 16 WALKER BLOG 17 WALKER BLOG 18 WALKER BLOG 19 WALKER BLOG 20 WALKER BLOG 21 WALKER BLOG 22

Baby Quinn Turns One

Amanda is one of the coolest people I know, and I am lucky to call her my 'Lil Sis.' I've known this girl since she was a starry eyed college freshmen with a contagious smile.  She still has that same great smile, but now she is a kick ass mom with a sweet family of her own.  How we've all grown up! It was a pleasure to spend a Sunday afternnoon with them and photograph baby Quinn, one of the most photogenic babies ever. Little miss could seriously be a baby model! QuinnBlog 1 QuinnBlog 2 QuinnBlog 3 QuinnBlog 4 QuinnBlog 5 QuinnBlog 6 QuinnBlog 7 QuinnBlog 8 QuinnBlog 9 QuinnBlog 10 QuinnBlog 11 QuinnBlog 12 QuinnBlog 13 QuinnBlog 14

Atanque Family

Can't believe I've known this guy for over 20 years!  He's one of my elementary school buds and actually one of my very first photo shoot victims from the early 2000s.  Somewhere in my attic are black and white prints of this guy from when I was a total noob at photography.  I think the photo shoot went something like this: "Hey Hannibal can you climb into this tree and do a Calvin Klein pose." Seriously I had no idea what I was doing back then--in photography and life (but I digress.) Well fast forward to 2016 and things are coming full circle as I get a chance to photograph Hannibal once again.  This time he brought his beautiful wife Lily and their super sweet preschooler Clara. We had a blast roaming Ardenwood farms and making friend with the goats and sheep.  No CK posing this time. Just genuine smiles, hugs, and laughter as the Atanque family showed me how connected they are. I adored photographing their little family and seeing all the love.

Thanks Atanque Family for the fun Sunday at the farm.  Check out the photos below!


Family Maternity Session at Garin Park

It was supposed to be a peaceful maternity photoshoot in a serene park setting. Nope.

I just happened to schedule the shoot during the same time as a youth running relay event.  300 unexpected guest at this photoshoot.   Kids running laps.  Dogs sniffing around.  Parents with coolers.  Lawnchairs everywhere.  Plus all the locations I wanted to shoot at were roped off for the relay race.  There was hardly a spot without an unwanted person in my way.

Things didn't go as planned.  Luckily for me I was working with a very cool bunch of people.  Ivette, Alan and their three beautiful children had no problem with the crowd.   I guess when you have a big happy family, it feels quite natural to be surround by just a few hundred more.  So we made it work.

Thank you Ivette and family for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture your last moments as a family of 5. I wish you the best as a family of 6!


macias-maternity-family-2-1 macias-maternity-family-2-2 macias-maternity-family-2-3 macias-maternity-family-2-4 macias-maternity-family-2-5 macias-maternity-family-2-6 macias-maternity-family-2-7